While it can be tempting to remove water on your own, it’s just not as simple as grabbing a mop and bucket or renting a wet vacuum and getting the water out of your home or office. Only a professional water removal company has the tools and trained technicians required to fully extract water and dry out and disinfect your property so that you don’t find mold later. We offer water extraction and water removal services throughout the Las Vegas Valley and its surrounding areas, and stand behind all of our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

Why can’t I just remove the water myself?

The challenge with any flood or water damage event isn’t removing standing water.  While that is certainly important, and must be done immediately to prevent further damage, the real issue is knowing what has been damaged.  If you look a property that has been damaged, the majority of the problems can’t be detected by just looking at.  In other words, it’s the hidden dangers that can only be seen with moisture detection equipment that make DIY water removal a mistake.